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Elevating equestrian excellence.

Quality that is noticeable. Design that inspires. Products that simply bring joy.

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Designed in Germany. Made with pure passion. A heartfelt tribute to your horse.

A bridle or curb bridle is often associated with memories and emotions. Quite a few riders even have a “lucky bridle” that they would never want to be without. And hardly any other product is sold with as many promises as bridles.

We believe: knowledgeable riding makes the difference - not the equipment.

But we can contribute to the horse's well-being with high-quality products. By listening carefully to our customers and athletes - and continually testing, developing and improving our range.

A bridle should frame the horse's head aesthetically and emphasize its natural beauty. At the same time, it is important to us to create products that inspire and emphasize the individuality of each rider-horse pair. That's why all of our products are customizable. Each element can be combined in any design and size. This creates a bridle that fulfills all wishes.

By the way: "BRISQUE" also refers to a card of high value in a card game. And at the same time it stands for liveliness and agility.

That's exactly our aim: We create a piece of luxury with every bridle - and never stop developing ourselves.

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The story behind.

Since 2021, Franziska Offenberg has devoted herself wholeheartedly to the design and continuous development of BRISQUE Bridlewear . As an enthusiastic rider and real horse person, she knows that choosing the perfect bridle involves a lot of emotion. Not only does it have to offer the best comfort and an ideal fit, but it is also visually probably the most individual piece of equipment on the horse. That's why Franzi has always remained true to her line and relied on the possibility of individualizing each product and putting it together according to personal wishes in all designs.

BRISQUE Bridlewear initially became known as "magic horse equestrian sport", but eventually inspired more and more equestrian athletes from all over the world from Riesenbeck in Münsterland - and so the decision was made to develop a new brand that embodies everything that has been the core of the brand since the beginning A big matter of the heart is: quality that can be felt. Design that inspires. Products that simply bring joy.

BRISQUE Bridlewear.

All bridles are handcrafted from certified, vegetable-tanned leather in our Indian factory, with which we are in close contact and exchange, and finally receive their finishing touches in Riesenbeck - in the "horse country" of Westphalia - before they are packaged and shipped. Every single product goes through Franzi's table before shipping, is checked again and finally makes its way to you. BRISQUE is not a large corporation, but a small team of young people who pursue their vision of combining a horse-friendly fit with flawless design.

Every single BRISQUE bridle is a tribute to the beauty of your horses.

Thanks for your trust. It means more to us than anything else.

BRISQUE Bridlewear.